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Apple now selling refurbished iPad Mini and iPad 4

Many who adore Apple and its products would do anything to own its product of which many of them are however premium priced. However if you wish to own an iPad mini or a new fourth generation iPad with its beautiful Retina display then you can do so – at a discount actually! Apple has introduced the refurbs into their market. The iPad mini is available in both Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi + Cellular variations, however, the storage capacity options are currently limited to the 32GB model for Wi-Fi, and 16GB for Wi-Fi + Cellular. The fourth-generation iPad is limited to 16GB and 32GB in both the Wi-Fi and Verizon Wi-Fi + Cellular sections.

A refurbished device is one that has had an owner before and then returned to Apple maybe if the owner feels that he is not happy with it. It then undergoes a “stringent” process before being put up for re-sale – including re-testing, cleaning, and re-packaging. This means that they are fully functional units with complete documentations as well as all the other accessories sold together with a new one.

The prices

A refurbished black 16GB iPad mini is priced @ $429, savings you a cool $30 or 6% off a brand-new tablet priced @ $459, while the 32GB is priced at $559 and the 64GB @ $659. The Wi-Fi models run from $329 to $529.

Also on offer are the three Wi-Fi + Cellular models with Verizon support while the 32GB black and white versions are $679 while a 16GB white tablet is $579.

A refurbished 16GB fourth-gen iPad in white for Verizon’s network, meanwhile, is selling for $579, which is $50 less or 7 % off the $629 price of a brand new. A 16GB white Wi-Fi version is costing $449

What’s on offer

The refurbs are still covered under a 1-year Apple warranty and are certified to be sold to consumers without any hit to the end experience. They will also have a brand new outside shell that’s free of scuffs and scratches, as well as a fresh battery that hasn’t been drained several times before.


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