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Facebook to Introduce Hashtags on the Site

Facebook has been facing stiff competition recently from other social networking sites such as Twitter and Google +. Just recently, there were reports that a number of users had opted to leave the largest social networking site for other new sites. Facebook has also been under intense pressure from its investors since its much-hyped IPO.

With this kind of pressure, Facebook is definitely trying to be innovative by launching new services and features on the site. A few weeks ago, the company unveiled its graph search tool, and even before the service is rolled out to all its users, the company unveiled a new timeline and now the company is said to be working on introducing hashtags on the site.

Hashtags have always been seen as one of the main differences between Twitter and Facebook, and this move by Facebook is definitely a way for the company to compete directly with Twitter. The hashtags on Facebook will help its uses sort conversations on the site based on a certain topic represented by the hashtags.

The hashtags on Facebook will work perfectly with the recently Graph Search and Facebook will have no problem implementing it since Instagram (a Facebook owned company) uses hashtags.

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