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Windows 8; The biggest development that never was.

When Microsoft launched windows 8, everyone was excited with the new exciting step that Microsoft had decided to take. The OS was one of a kind bringing to the world of computers a completely new way of carrying out tasks. Praises we sung to the new OS from different tunes on how it would solve many different shortcomings in terms of speed, many bundled applications, and its user interface etc.  However, this did not last for long. Here is a look at some of the major ways that makes many think that the OS never was.


Although Microsoft has been super reluctant to release clear statics of the number of licenses it has sold since its launch, according to Net Application the OS as at January 2013, three months after its launch, Windows 8 had a command of just 2% market share even when its price especially the upgrade price is way too low. Many would also sense some issues with the fact that Microsoft doesn’t release the main figures of the OS performance maybe to mean that they are not so proud with its performance.

Complicated User Interface

Most of the user whom I have interacted with and who has tried using windows 8 said to have found it rather difficult to perform even some of the basic functions like shutting down the machine, closing an application or even carrying out basic computer management like user account creation or changes. In fact many of users who had the consumer preview removed it disappointed and did not even bother to look for the full version.

Way too much touch optimization

We may all be headed to touch technology bit, Microsoft needs to understand that we are not there yet and thus when they over optimized Windows 8 for touch, it meant that it would serve as a shortcoming. Sure enough when using a mouse it’s not as intuitive as the adverts we see about it especially if the pointer speed is slow. This is a major hindrance to it picking up since most people still use mouse-controlled devices.

Internet dependency – So many unused Apps

Microsoft tried introducing their APP Store using Windows 8. Yeah it comes with some of the many required Apps such as the PDF readers but they always require constant updates. This means that some of the applications which am not even sure if you can remove them will stick on the machine when you don’t need them especially if you don’t have an active internet connection.

Too many releases, yet no value addition

Microsoft is also getting itself into releasing so many reviews of their product without major value addition other than just complicating them. For example with their Microsoft  Office suite, they already have released Office 2013 even before office 2010 has been adopted from what many are currently using, i.e. Office 2007. The case for Windows 8 could also be similar since as per Net Application XP still commands 39% of the market share against 44% by windows 7 and you can be sure not many users would jump from Xp directly to Windows 8.


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