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5 Internet Habits You Should Adopt

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Technology is almost everywhere and it keeps on changing with each passing day. With the technological advancements and changes, we all need good tech habits that will ensure we have a fulfilled tech life.


Below are 5 tech habits that you will need for a much happier tech life.

#5. Review your social media privacy settings regularly

With over half of the adult internet population using social networking sites on a regular basis, your personal information is easily accessible by millions of people out there. To protect yourself when using these sites, you should regularly review the different privacy settings for each social networking site that you use. Make sure you understand what each privacy control setting does and change it accordingly.

#4. Do not get or spread any Malware/Virus

We live in an interconnected world where we share information, files and documents between different electronic devices all the time. Sharing files through the different devices means that we a prone to malware and viruses on a daily basis especially if we do not take that extra step to protect ourselves. To ensure you do not get any malware or virus is to get a good antivirus program, to avoid spreading malware or viruses, you will need to understand how they work and spread through different electronic devices.

#3. Avoid scams and hoaxes

There are thousands of hoaxes and scams all over the internet and to avoid most of them you will have to distinguish between legitimate offers from scams. When using the internet, if the deal is too good to be true, it probably is so, you should double check it before you are scammed. You should also make sure that you do not help a hoax go viral by ensuring that every product or service you recommend to your friends is legit and offers what it promises.

#2. Use Google

One of the best sources for information in this day and age is the internet (Google to be exact). You should make it a point in your life to use Google on a daily basis when searching for any information from work related stuff to your school assignment. Try to learn some of the tips and tricks when it comes to using Google to ensure you get the most of your search results.

#1. Use strong passwords

Using a strong password for the different websites that we are members of is the best way to ensure your account is not hacked. Do not use the same password for the different websites that you are a member of because if hackers get hold of this password, they will easily access any of your other online accounts.

If you think I have left out any tips, feel free to add them in the comment section below.

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