June 19, 2018


OPPO Kenya ceo andrew peng

OPPO Kenya CEO, Andrew Peng, Caught on Tape Hurling Insults At A Colleague

We are in 2018 and you would think that as humans we have learnt how to handle disagreements in a civil manner. Well, this is how it should happen but we still get people with...

Samsung Galaxy S9+ Camera

What it takes to develop a slow motion capture capability on a mobile device

The camera has become an integral part of our lives with every moment presenting an opportunity to snap a photo. Some of the best moments nonetheless happen so fast, and we are...

Sell on Jumia

Getting Started: How to Sell Your Products on Jumia

Jumia is one of the well-known e-commerce platforms in Kenya and even in Africa. The company may not be profitable just yet but almost everyone who spends a significant time...


LG’s Smart Kitchen products are shattering gender stereotypes

Every home has unspoken rules about which domains are for the husband and which ones are for the wife, but the latest advancements in home appliance technology are fast blurring...

YouTube Go

I Used YouTube Go for A Week and This is What I found Out

Back in 2017, Google unveiled YouTube Go for those who have entry level devices that may not have the latest and most powerful specifications. This was just one of the many...


Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime Pro 2018 Review

Once upon a time, Samsung dominated the entry level smartphone segment. These days, we don’t see the company doing so much in this segment as it has been focusing on the...


Let’s Talk About T-Kash, The New Mobile Money Service by Telkom Kenya

Yesterday, Telkom Kenya unveiled its new Mobile Money service, T-Kash. The company made so much noise about this product and this was expected. Ever since Telkom Kenya rebranded,...

AON Cyber risk kenya

Identity Protection Is the New Business Imperative

Business is evolving in the face of two opposing technology trends: The transformative power of the cloud and the mounting cost of cybercrime. Living at the intersection of these...

Cyber security in Kenya

Four reasons why cyber-security should be on your 2018 agenda

2017 saw a slew of cyber-attacks, major hacks, threats and data breaches dominating world headlines. Many of these breaches were in fact the result of human error. They...

LG Logo

The human-centered philosophy that drives LG product design

It is one thing to come up with the world’s most sophisticated piece of technology, but it is a different thing to design products that respond to the basic elements of the...