August 20, 2018


LG ThinQ

What LG ThinQ AI promises Consumers

Earlier this year at CES (Consumer Electronics Show), LG took that stage and introduced ThinQ AI, its official dive into AI. The company also introduced a number of ThinQ branded...

connected home

The dream of connected homes could yet be closer for emerging markets

By Charles Kimari For the past several years, the Internet of Things (IoT) has remained the industry’s biggest buzzword for its promise of delivering seamless connectivity...


Technology trends shaping the hospitality sector

Technology is progressively becoming the backbone of the hospitality sector, and the impact is significantly being felt by hoteliers in their interactions with consumers. Below...

LG ThinQ AI kenya

What You Need to Know About LG ThinQ

If you have been following what LG has been doing this year, you may have seen the company use the word ‘ThinQ’ on some of its products from the new OLED TVs to smartphones....

LG Alpha 9 intelligent processor

How Vital is The Alpha 9 Intelligent Processor in LG OLED TVs

Earlier this year at CES, LG announced the latest version of its TV-focused “Alpha” processor, the Alpha 9 intelligent processor. This new processor replaces the Alpha 7 and...

Cloud services

Four Ways the Cloud Is Creating, Not Eliminating, Jobs

Five million jobs are expected to be lost to automation by 2020. That may sound like a scary figure, but as these roles disappear, new jobs are set to spring up in their place. In...

stream world cup matches

Three Apps to Download to Legally Stream All 2018 FIFA World Cup Matches

This article may be late but as they say, better late than never, right? Ever since the first match of the 2018 World Cup, I have relied on my smartphone to watch over 50% of the...

safaricom 1gb giga bundle

I used the New 1GB Giga Bundle from Safaricom and Here is What I found Out

Over the past few weeks, you may have seen or heard about the new Giga bundle from Safaricom. This is the new 1GB data bundle valid for 24 hours that you can get for Ksh 99. This...


How the LG’s OLED display technology has revolutionized the family movie night experience

In any given family setting, demands on time can be pretty overwhelming. With everyone’s busy schedules, getting everyone together at the same time is quite an uphill task. ...


How to Get the Most Out of Your Mobile Data

If you have ever run out of data on your phone when you really need it, then you know how frustrating that can be. This happens when you have to use the internet and you may be...