February 24, 2017

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Twitter Introduces QR Code Functionality to Make It Easier to Follow Other Users

If you have ever used Snapchat, then you probably know about snap codes and how they make it easier for you to follow people you care about. Twitter wants to do the same thing on...

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Twitter Announces New Measures to Help Deal with Harassment When on Its Platform

Let’s face it, Twitter is a bit crowded with people from all walks of life. The platform is quite good but the fact that you are bringing people from different backgrounds to...


YouTube Finally Adds Support for HDR Videos

When it comes to the internet, you always have to offer consumers what they want. For YouTube, adding support for HDR videos is a way for it to offer consumers what they want. HDR...

Facebook at work

Facebook keynotes CyberXchange Conference and releases Safety Center to promote Online Safety and Bullying Prevention

Just two months after Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg traveled to Nigeria and Kenya to meet with developers, partners, and entrepreneurs, Alex Stamos, Chief Security Officer at...


YouTube is Giving Creators More Control on The Comments Posted on Their Videos

YouTube is making some changes to its site to give creators more control on some of the comments posted on their videos. The company is doing this by adding new comment features...

facebook lightstage app

Facebook’s Lifestage App for Teens is Now Available on Android

Back in August, Facebook released the Lifestage app that is specifically made for teens. Facebook is targeting teens with this app since most of them may want to ditch Facebook...

Facebook Camera snapchat features

Expect More Snapchat-Like Features on Facebook’s Main App

Some people will call it inspiration while others will say it’s downright copying. I am talking about what Facebook is about to do to its main app that will definitely not go...

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Twitter Confirms That It Will Be Laying Off 350 Employees

around for years but is not making as much money as it should. The company announced its Q3 financial earnings a few hours ago reporting $616 million which is not enough for the...