August 22, 2017

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Twitter Night Mode

Twitter Rolls Out A new Lighter Look Across All Its Platforms

Twitter is making some design changes through its different platforms. The company has been rolling out these changes the last couple of days but most users started noticing the...


The Latest Update for YouTube For Android Introduces A Bottom Navigation Bar

YouTube has updated its Android app to introduce new design changes to improve user experience. The company has been testing a new UI for over 6 months and this is what it is...

Twitter Messaging

Twitter Now Gives You More Control Over Messages You Receive from People You Do Not Follow

If you are on Twitter, then you may at some point received Direct Messages (DMs) that you weren’t interested in. If this has been a big issue for you, the latest changes by...

TechArena on Twitter

Twitter Wants to Track You Outside its App and Website to Ensure You Get Targeted Ads

Twitter’s main cash stream is through ads, the ads come in different forms but at the end of the day all are there to ensure those advertising on the platform get value for...

Facebook at work

Facebook Tweaks Its News Feed Once Again to Reduce The Number Of Spammy Links On Its Platform

Facebook is changing its News Feed once again and this time its aim is to reduce the links that send users to spammy websites or those filled with advertisements. With this,...


YouTube Partners with Celebrities to Produce Original Shows on Its Platform

YouTube has really changed the last few years to be a leading content platform that will definitely steal some of the eyeballs from traditional broadcasters. YouTube has been...

Facebook messenger lite

Facebook Messenger Lite Is Now Available to Users in 150 More Countries

Last October, Facebook unveiled the Messenger Lite app for Android that was available in select markets. Messenger Lite is a lighter version of Facebook Messenger and is made for...