December 12, 2017

This is what your phone says about you…

What does your phone say about you?


Infinix, Injoo, LG, Tecno, Samsung, Sony, Wiko, Huawei, HTC, Microsoft (Nokia)… The list is endless. My thoughts are that the average Kenyan buys a new phone at least once every two years, but due to various reasons, that number could be higher or lower. But what is the main function and purpose for having a phone? Communication, right? Please, we’re not in the 70’s. While most of us just look at the price to determine whether we will buy a phone or push it to our wish list, there’s a percentage of individuals who would judge a phone by its brand ( for example the “iSheep” – people who would buy an iPhone just because of the brand name), a few would judge it by its looks (form) and minority would judge it by its functionality (specs), but whether you pick form over function or vice versa, one thing is constant, YOUR PHONE SAYS A LOT ABOUT YOU.

Here’s what I think, your mobile phone is a good representation of who you really are, how organized your home screen and apps are, reflect how well your life is organized.  The choice of wallpaper clearly shows your personality and thoughts, don’t believe me? What comes to your mind when you see someone with a wallpaper displaying nudity? Your mind just judges that person as a pervert, what about the ones who have a wallpaper of themselves? Egocentric, right? Even our ringtones say a lot about our taste and preferences. The reason why I’m saying this is, no one else can influence what you put on your phone and what you choose to see each time you turn on the display, it is all a personal decision with absolutely no external influence and thus our phones are the best way through which we express ourselves as individuals, from wallpapers, ring-back tones (skiza tunes), app organization, phone covers, phone color and even price of the phone (to those that can) all give an impression of our personalities. Below I will discuss a few categories of people and what their phones say about them.

We have the “show-offs”; people who are always buying the latest phones available in the market, regardless of the price, not because they need it, but because they “have an image to maintain”.

The “coverholics”; those that will ensure they have a new phone cover every week if not every month (mostly ladies, sorry).

The “wallpaperholics”; a new wallpaper almost every day – I don’t know how they manage to get so many wallpapers and never repeating any of them.

The status quo category; they have never changed their wallpaper since the day they bought the phone, even if they make any changes, it takes forever before they make any other change again, and finally,

the category I dread most, I refer to them as the “Garfields”, those that have no sense of care, they have the most disorganized home screens, app shortcuts with no order, widgets that they have never used and probably never will, an endless number of homescreens (for no apparent reason), and worst of all they are usually the type that would not repair a broken screen no matter how kaleidoscopic it is.

These are just but a few categories that I have personally observed, the list is insatiable. Leave a comment below, sharing what aspect of your personality is brought out through your phone, which category you think you belong to and whether or not you agree that our phones are actually a representation of our personalities.

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  • NazBits

    Most people I know belong to the Garfield category

    • Haha, that’s interesting

  • ken

    Not bad.
    But you forgot the TECHIES,
    People who look at the hardware upgrades to the latest phone before buying a new one. They only buy a new phone when the hardware upgrades are worth it.
    Let’s say new screen display ( From LED to IPS) , pixel density, latest processor , latest camera optics, increase in megapixels. And such.

    • Those have their own category

    • Saruni

      The techies mostly lie on the category of those that pick function over form

  • david

    That is a good critical analysis of the various types of tech user categories

  • featherweight

    That’s an interesting post. I like the way the observation that phones mirror our true personality tendencies because they’re no as corrupted by external influence as other avenues of personal expression. I had not seen it that way before. I like my home screen simple, no clutter. Maximum of two folders for commonly accessed files on the homescreen. I changed the background when I bought the phone and never change it. I never customize my theme or try out new looks. In most areas life, I hate an overflow of options because it’s hard to make a choice. Once I find one think that works (whether dress code, menu option at a restaurant, etc.), I stick to it and hardly consider alternatives. I don’t know whether my case corroborates your observation.

    • Thanks for readin

  • Mueni

    That’s quite some good research..but I tend to disagree with most of it

    • Like what exactly? This is mostly someone’s opinion. Yours is also welcomed so that we can get the conversation going.

  • Anthony

    why be a show off though especially if you cannot afford the phone?

    • True, there is no need.

  • eric

    Lol, maybe you are using a kabambe

    • Haha, Eric be nice

  • Ali

    Interesting look at things

    • Yes it is. Thanks for reading

  • Yeah. I think money is a challenge for most people.

  • Ann

    people who show-off are usually poor or just want to fit in

    • Yap, that’s true for most people.

  • derrick

    women are coverholics, they just want a new look every week.

  • Deno

    also know a few garfields

  • mayor wa kinoo

    look at things. I never thought of it that way

    • Now
      you know, thanks for reading

  • That’s interesting, which phone is that

  • Alphie

    I don’t think phones say who we are, it quite
    the opposite

    • Actually to some extent they do.

  • kunche

    I never change my wallpaper or ringtone, I have the same one the phone had when
    it was new. Am past that age of changing things

    • Haha, that’s says something about your age

  • Edu

    Nice analysis right there, Different but good

    • Great, thanks for reading

  • Lewis Mathu

    I totally and strongly agree with you on the categories, but mooney is the most important factor for me

    • That is true for most people

  • laban

    most young guys buy phones they can’t afford just to show off

    • yes, very true

  • sophi

    for me I don’t focus much on what my phone says about me but I care about what it does for me

    • That’s Interesting

  • Ole Hasan

    Interesting look at things

    • Yes, thanks for reading

  • Tebule

    I change my phone’s appearance depending on my moods and how I feel

    • That’s true for most people

  • Hillary

    It is true, your phone says too much about you

  • Benson

    Good work maina, your phone represents you.

    • Thanks for reading

  • Jesse

    You made me stop reading, take a look at my lock screen wallpaper and my home screen wallpaper. It might not be scientific proof but it does make a lot of sense that our phones do say something about us.

    Awesome read

    • That was the intention. Thanks for reading

  • joseph mugo

    I don’t like app widgets on my homescreen and with Clean Master’s iSwipe its easy to access my apps without opening the app drawer… Though I never understand guys who have their photos as wallpapers.. But after reading this article I understood

  • Lillian

    This article is as fresh as the day it was written…insightful reads!!

  • peter osoro

    This is true
    Also the apps someone has tells their personality too

  • I’ve waited my whole life this article to be updated but seems nothing is going to happen.
    Watu simu zao haziko listed what are we? ‘lenovo’

    • Now that you have mentioned it, we will work on that very soon.